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The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2023
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July/August 2023
Uncanny Magazine Issue 54 September/October 2023
Fantasy Magazine April 2022
Nightmare Magazine Issue 126 March 2023
Lightspeed Magazine Issue 122 July 2020


"Recurrence" in Lightspeed

"The Dreadful and Specific Monster of Starosibirsk" (Spanish translation) in Cuentos

para Algernon


"How to Make a Snow Maiden" in Porter House Review, May 2024
"Kamchatka" in Washington Square Review, May 2024

"The Dreadful and Specific Monster of Starosibirsk" (reprint) in PseudoPod, May 2024
"Meat Eaters" (reprint) in Good for Her: An Anthology of Women's Wrongs, Feb. 2024


"ADJECTIVE" in McSweeney's, Dec. 2023 (winner of the Stephen Dixon Award)
"Concrete People" in JMWW, Dec. 2023

"The Dreadful and Specific Monster of Starosibirsk" (reprint) in The Dark, Dec. 2023
"Beginnings" in Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy, Oct. 2023
"Beginnings" in We're Here: The Best Queer Speculative Fiction, Oct. 2023
"The Curing" in Uncanny, Sept. 2023
"Approved Methods of Love Divination in the First-Rate City of Dushagorod

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July 2023
"Last Letter First" in Luna Station Quarterly, June 2023
"The Dizzy Room" in Nightmare, March 2023
"Bones in it" (reprint) in PseudoPod, Feb. 2023


"The Noon Witch Goes to Sound Planet" in Lightspeed, Nov. 2022
"Seven Days in the Kingdom of the Misplacer" in Passages North, Sept. 2022
"The Queen of the Earless Seals of Lake Baikal" in Lightspeed, Sept. 2022

"Beginnings" in Fantasy, April 2022
"Mail-Order Brother" in Gulf Coast, Feb. 2022
"Cuídame" (translation) in Las Escritoras de Urras, Jan. 2022

"Carvers" in 99 Tiny Terrors, Nov. 2021
"Tend to Me" (reprint) in PodCastle, Sept. 2021
"When It's Over (No-Tears Shampoo)" in Split Lip, Aug. 2021
"We Will Weather One Another Somehow" in Diabolical Plots, June 2021
"All the Arms We Need" (reprint) in Flash Fiction Online, June 2021
"Heads Up, Seven Up" in The Racket, June 2021
"Bones in It" in Lightspeed, May 2021
"Fisherman's Soup" in Mermaids Monthly, May 2021
"The Dreadful and Specific Monster of Starosibirsk" in Weird Horror, May 2021

"Comets Are Named for Their Discoverers" in AE Science Fiction, Dec. 2020
"Two Hundred Ways to Disappear" in Witness, Nov. 2020

"Baba Yaga and the Seven Hills" in Lightspeed, July 2020
"Call It My Signature Kill" in Okay Donkey, June 2020

"Keep Tabs on You" in Cease, Cows, June 2020

"All the Arms We Need" in The Racket, June 2020
"Except for the Down Below
" in Black Static, May/June 2020
"Meat Eaters" in Fictive Dream, May 2020

"Tend to Me" in Lightspeed, March 2020
"The Dramatic Haircu
t" in Witness, March 2020 [LISTEN]



"Fight Fair" in Reflex Fiction, Dec. 2019 (also in Reflex Fiction Volume Three)

"Slow Burn" in Heavy Feather Review, June 2019

"She Gets a Lot of Help" in X-R-A-Y, Nov. 2018
"Your Best Self" (reprint) in Hypertrophic Literary, Sept. 2018
"The Dumpling Makers" in The Masters Review, July 2018

"Love Poem Number Carrot" in Love Is the Drug, July 2018

"To the Body" in Quail Bell, July 2018

"Your Best Self" in Pithead Chapel, June 2018

"Swell/Swollen" in Jellyfish Review, Nov. 2017 

"A Manageable Alternative" in FRiGG, Spring/Summer 2017

"A Tickle in the Throat" in FRiGG, Spring/Summer 2017

"Milkless" in Quiet Lightning, Feb. 2015

"Lazy" in The Awl, June 2014

"Taxidermied: Three Poems" in Pantheon Magazine, April 2014

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