Award-eligible works in 2021

This year, I have a number of short stories eligible for various awards, and it's also my second year of eligibility for the Astounding Award! Should any of them catch your eye, I'd be thrilled if you gave it a recommendation.

"Bones in It" | Lightspeed, May 2021
"Two Russian immigrants run a bathhouse that is haunted by a relatively harmless vedma, but one that is only harmless because they appease it. When the banya is gentrified into a day spa, a petty tyrant college professor crosses paths with the hungry creature.​" –'s Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction (4,337 words)

"The Dreadful and Specific Monster of Starosibirsk" | Weird Horror, May 2021
Following an industrial accident, a Siberian town loses its tourism business and falls into decline. Desperate locals take matters into their own hands. (4,021 words)

"Fisherman's Soup" | Mermaids Monthly, May 2021
Po is haunted by the memory of her grandmother, and a bunch of snarky rusalki, as she prepares recipes for her friend's "cultural exchange" potluck. (3,098 words)

"We Will Weather One Another Somehow" | Diabolical Plots, June 2021
A man has an eroding problem, and a woman has an eroding-man problem, in this story about self-determination, letting go, and the difficult beauty of fleeting things. (3,054 words)

"When It's Over (No-Tears Shampoo)" | Split Lip, Aug. 2021
They say communication is the key to a successful relationship—so what do you do when your partner speaks only in product names? (1,637 words)

"Carvers" | 99 Tiny Terrors, Nov. 2021
In this bite-size arborglyph horror story, the birch tree at your local Makeout Point has a terrifying secret... (500 words)