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Award-eligible works in 2022

This year, I have eligible for various awards a few short stories and, for the first time, a novelette! All are shot through with folklore and fairy-tale elements, and explore topics of self-determination, fraught love, life-saving friendship, power, and control. Should any of these resonate with you, I'd be thrilled if you gave it a recommendation.

"Beginnings" | Fantasy, April 2022

Sometimes the only happy ending is no ending at all. In this queer twisted fairy tale, best friends June and Nat live in a small hunting town ruled by a controlling king. When they don’t show up to his son’s royal barbecue, the king threatens to make them answer for it. (1,560 words)

"The Queen of the Earless Seals of Lake Baikal" | Lightspeed, Sept. 2022

Dia seeks an audience with the magical nerpa queen, and she's willing to dive into the world's deepest lake to get it. What she's come for, and what she's running away from, reveal a history of abuse, manipulation, and sacrifice—as well as hope for a better future. (5,284 words)​

"Seven Days in the Kingdom of the Misplacer" | Passages North, Sept. 2022

A micro about courting and capture. Associate editor Dacia Price says, "The fabulist absurdism Ten creates in this piece gently guides the reader through a series of uncoverings; power structures, identity, and the value of remembering are teased out through playful prose."​ (500 words)


"The Noon Witch Goes to Sound Planet" | Lightspeed, Nov. 2022

Eighteen-year-old Hailey is tired of living in the shadow of her mother, the fearsome Noon Witch of fables past. In an attempt to repair her family's reputation, she goes to a SoCal music festival, where humans and demigods make for a troublesome crowd. (9,047 words; novelette category)

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