Award-eligible works in 2020

It's been a busy year of writing punctuated by a cross-country move, the start of (remote) graduate school, and lots more time spent between these four walls. This year, I have ten short stories eligible for various awards. This is also my first year of eligibility for the Astounding Award! Should any of these catch your eye, I'd be thrilled if you gave it a recommendation.

If you only read a couple...

These are the ones I'm especially proud of.

"Tend to Me" | Lightspeed, March 2020
Nora is a serial becomer. Her latest transformation takes everyone by surprise. (2,295 words)

"Baba Yaga and the Seven Hills" | Lightspeed, July 2020
When the witch's chicken-legged hut runs away, she'll go to the ends of the earth to find it. San Francisco proves a big culture shock. (6,179 words)

In the mood for something shorter?

"Comets Are Named for Their Discoverers" | AE Science Fiction, December 2020
Every 5.6 years, a man welcomes a lover from outer space. (200 words)

"Keep Tabs on You​" | Cease, Cows, June 2020

A collector grows his collection of paper dolls—until, finally, they fight back. (500 words)

"All the Arms We Need" | The Racket, June 2020
We could all use a hug sometimes. One person goes to great lengths to give the biggest one ever. (750 words)

"Call It My Signature Kill" |Okay Donkey, June 2020
Fed up with his coworkers, a man discovers his email signature might hold the key to his revenge. (1,200 words)

"Meat Eaters" | Fictive Dream, May 2020 
There's something off about the youngest employee at Wolf 'em Down Burgers, but no one can quite put their finger on it... (1,000 words)


Or something a little darker?

"Two Hundred Ways to Disappear" | Witness, November 2020
At Chicago's hottest new close-up magic venue, the magician has a way of getting into people's heads. (4,200 words)

"Except for the Down Below" | Black Static | May/June 2020
A know-it-all finds a mysterious cake in his garden and begins to confront everything he doesn't know. (6,400 words)

"The Dramatic Haircut" | Witness, March 2020
On the heels of a breakup, a heartbroken girl seeks a drastic change at a hair salon run by violent birds. (2,100 words)